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Information Search Patterns for Gift Purchases: A Cross-national Examination of Gender Differences
Journal of Consumer Behavior (2003)
  • Mark Cleveland, The University of Western Ontario
  • Barry J. Babin, University of Southern Mississippi
  • Michel Laroche
  • Philippa Ward
  • Jasmin Bergeron
This exploratory study examines the underlying determinants as well as the dimensionality of in-store information searches for a Christmas clothing gift, focusing specifically on the differential effect of gender on information acquisition. A self-administered survey, containing personality, situational and standard demographic measures, was administered to actual consumers in three Western countries, shortly after the Christmas season. Confirmatory factor analysis verified that in-store information is indeed a multidimensional construct, composed of three distinct factors: macro information search, micro information search and salesperson help. Consistent with expectations, compared to males, females tended to acquire macro and micro information to a greater extent; males were more apt to seek the assistance of store sales personnel than females. This pattern was generally robust across the three countries. Other observed gender and/or country-sample differences are discussed.
  • Information search,
  • Gender differences,
  • Gift giving,
  • Christmas,
  • Shopping behaviour,
  • Cross-cultural
Publication Date
September, 2003
Citation Information
Mark Cleveland, Barry J. Babin, Michel Laroche, Philippa Ward, et al.. "Information Search Patterns for Gift Purchases: A Cross-national Examination of Gender Differences" Journal of Consumer Behavior Vol. 3 Iss. 1 (2003)
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