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PAT Foundations : understanding and analysing Progressive Achievement Tests
  • Mark Butler, ACER
The PAT (Progressive Achievement Test) assessments are statistically rigorous tests that provide quantitative and qualitative data on student performance. But the rigour and technical expertise that goes into developing these tests can sometimes make their function and administration difficult for teachers and educators to fully understand. PAT Foundations draws from years of experience in test development, workshop delivery and teacher consultation. It seeks to explore the purpose and practice of assessment, and to assist teachers and educators in getting the most out of their PAT assessment program. 
  • Academic achievement,
  • Measurement objectives,
  • Measures (Individuals),
  • Student assessment,
  • Test norms,
  • Test selection,
  • Test use,
  • Testing,
  • Testing programs,
  • Tests,
  • Scaling,
  • Primary secondary education,
  • Teaching guides
Publication Date
Ronel Redman
Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER)
Citation Information
Mark Butler. PAT Foundations : understanding and analysing Progressive Achievement Tests. Melbourne Vic(2016)
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