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Unpublished Paper
AGAT : ACER General Ability Tests : teacher manual
  • Andrew Stephanou, ACER
  • Mark Butler, ACER
  • Daniel Urbach, ACER
  • Prue Anderson, ACER

ACER General Ability Tests (AGAT) is a series of tests designed to assist teachers of students aged seven to sixteen years (approximately Year 2 to Year 10) in their assessment of students' general reasoning ability. There are nine AGAT test booklets that have been developed especially -but not exclusively - for use in Australian schools. Each of the tests assesses students' reasoning skills in three areas: Verbal; Numerical; Abstract (visual).

  • Cognitive skills,
  • Tests,
  • Numeracy,
  • Test Norms,
  • Verbal tests,
  • Primary school students,
  • Secondary school students
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Andrew Stephanou, Mark Butler, Daniel Urbach and Prue Anderson. "AGAT : ACER General Ability Tests : teacher manual" (2008)
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