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Unites States Public Attitudes Regarding Predators and Their Management to Enhance Avian Recruitment
ENVS Faculty Publications (1999)
  • T. A. Messmer
  • Mark W. Brunson, Utah State University
  • D. K. Reiter
  • D. G. Hewitt
Wildlife managers need current human dimensions information to develop outreach and management programs that address public concerns about predation and predator management. No human dimensions studies assessing public attitudes toward managing medium-sized predators have been conducted previously. We surveyed a random sample of United States households to assess public attitudes and beliefs about the management of medium-sized predators to enhance avian recruitment. Respondents expressed moderately knowledgeable, but somewhat idealized, beliefs about predator ecology. Although we found strong support for predators' right to exist, respondents did not support an outright ban on predator hunting or trapping...
  • public attitudes,
  • predators,
  • management,
  • avian recruitment
Publication Date
April, 1999
Citation Information
Messmer, T.A., M.W. Brunson, D.K. Reiter and D.G. Hewitt. 1999. U.S. public attitudes regarding predators and their management to enhance avian recruitment. Wildlife Society Bulletin 27(1):75-85.