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Unpublished Paper
Reconsidering Disclosure and Liability in the Transatlantic Capital Markets
ExpressO (2010)
  • Mark Brewer, University of Westminster
  • Orla Gough, University of Westminster
  • Neeta Shah, University of Westminster
In response to the current global financial crisis, governments around the world are introducing some of the most significant changes financial regulation since the Great Depression. However, these efforts fail to fundamentally alter the current overreliance on disclosure and fail to achieve international cooperation in deterring the next financial crisis. The article explores some of the limits of disclosure as a basis for financial regulation and to suggest international regulatory coordination of liability standards to help curtail the risky behavior that often leads to the pattern of boom and bust in the global financial markets. The purpose of this article is to evaluate previous research that challenges the assumption that disclosure of information forms a sufficient basis for regulating securities as well as call for more rigorous enforcement of existing laws and cooperation on standards of liability by regulators in the United States and the European Union.
  • securities law,
  • capital markets,
  • European Union,
  • financial crisis,
  • convergence
Publication Date
December 14, 2010
Citation Information
Mark Brewer, Orla Gough and Neeta Shah. "Reconsidering Disclosure and Liability in the Transatlantic Capital Markets" ExpressO (2010)
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