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Argumentative Essay Topic
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  • Mark King, Eastern Washington University
Your Argumentative Essay Topic Is Key
Argumentative essay topics are absolutely essential to helping students achieve excellence in their writing. Yet too many high school teachers give students essay topics that don't suit their writing style, which will waste both time and effort.
The first thing you should do is find an essay topic that fits the type of writing you want to achieve. An essay topic is generally designed to provide guidance for the writer, but don't be mislead by its express purpose. After all, there are some essay topics that will be specifically directed at your audience.
For example, many college-level writing students are required to write essays about specific college-level essay writer service. These students can get the best possible resources by studying the topic they need to write their essay on and can benefit from using essay topics that are already well-explained in the syllabus.
Once you have found a specific topic, ask yourself if the topic seems appropriate for your writing style. Most students will be surprised to learn that a major portion of their essay is devoted to writing a personal essay about a subject they're not particularly interested in.
To avoid this problem, read through the essay topics for essays that might be too long for your skill level. You may be surprised at how many of these topics actually require less detail than you originally thought, or that writing styles differ from what you originally envisioned.
You can also choose topics that are already clearly defined, so you can be sure that there is no confusion. This allows you to take your time in selecting your essay topic and will make your task easier when you eventually sit down to begin writing.
Some topics are quite broad, especially when you're only researching for your topic. Look at these topics as an opportunity to gain more knowledge, but you should use a narrow focus to make sure that you cover all the important information you need.
Before you begin, always consider who your audience is, what kind of information they expect to read, and what they are trying to accomplish. Always remember that even if you enjoy the topic, you should stick to topics that apply to your intended audience.
Argumentative essay topics should be brief, because short essay topics tend to be easier to write. Always strive to find an essay topic that only requires one paragraph or fewer, and avoid using wordy sentences.
Many high school teachers use essay topics that incorporate cultural and historical context. These topics usually involve key terms that students should know, so they are better suited for an argumentative essay topic.
If you choose an essay topic that is too broad, you may find that you become discouraged when you find yourself at a loss for words to use in your writing. Although you'll likely run out of fresh ideas, you can use essay topics that are either slightly more straightforward or less sophisticated.
The point is to keep the level of detail within the essay topics adequate, and to try not to use the topic as a crutch. Your student is studying for an essay, not playing a game, so he or she needs a topic that gives you a fair shot at success.
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