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Crayfishes of Kansas: List of Taxa, Synonyms, and References
Sternberg Museum of Natural History Faculty Publications
  • Mark E Eberle, Fort Hays State University

There are currently 12 species of crayfishes (Decapoda: Cambaridae) reported from Kansas, although there are questions about the systematics of some taxa. Research and the corresponding scientific literature on crayfishes conducted in the state since 1885 are limited, but they cover a variety of topics. It is hoped this list of species and references will aid those who seek to add to our knowledge. Only published references are included, but a few Master’s theses about Kansas crayfishes are available. Also not included among the references cited in the list are regional, national, or international publications that mention Kansas in the broader distributions of species but do not add to the information in the sources cited here. To use this list, you can take the currently accepted name of a taxon to check for publications that included that name. These references are listed under the name of each species. Also listed are taxa that represent probable synonyms or assumed misidentifications (under the subheading “Synonyms”). Entries for each of these names will provide additional references that referred to the species by these other names. You can also select the name of a taxon from one of the published references and find that name in the list. This will provide you with a scientific name that is currently recommended. Scientific and common names of the state’s 12 reported species are highlighted in bold print. Scientific names were taken from the summary by Crandall and De Grave (2017), which updated earlier lists by Hobbs (1974; 1989) and McLaughlin et al. (2005), and from Glon et al. (2018). Common names were taken from references by Pflieger (1996), McLaughlin et al. (2005), and Robison et al. (2017).

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