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Baseball Takes Root in Oregon, 1866‒1869
  • Mark E. Eberle, Fort Hays State University

The first baseball club in the Pacific Northwest was organized in Portland, Oregon in 1866 as the Pioneer Base Ball Club. As the only club in the area, games were initially played between teams picked from the members of the club. The Clackamas BBC in Oregon City was organized later that year, and the first intercity baseball game was played between the first nines of these two clubs in Oregon City on October 13. The following year, numerous baseball clubs were organized, and the first baseball championship was held at the State Fair in Salem. In addition, a regional baseball association open to any teams in Oregon and the territories of Washington and Idaho was organized in Portland. These clubs and the association soon gave way to others, but they succeeded in established the sport in the region.

  • first Oregon baseball club,
  • first Washington baseball club,
  • Pioneer BBC,
  • Clackamas BBC,
  • Occidental BBC,
  • Washington BBC
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