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Weighing in on the Freshman 15
Spartan Daily (2007)
For many freshmen, college is an exciting new venture. It’s an opportunity to meet new people, adopt liberal ideologies and above all else, experience freedom: freedom to eat whatever your heart desires.
It’s called the “freshman 15,” and if you’re not careful, you could find yourself relating to this oft- quoted campus demographic.
“They typically do not gain 15 pounds,” said Marjorie Freedman, assistant professor of nutrition and food science. Research, she said, shows that students gain more like two to five pounds. 
  • Weight gain,
  • freshman 15,
  • nutrition education,
  • Eating habits
Publication Date
October 22, 2007
Citation Information
"Weighing in on the Freshman 15" Spartan Daily Vol. 129 Iss. 31 (2007) p. 4
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