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Nutrition fair promotes eating healthy for the not-so wealthy
Spartan Daily (2008)
Students interested in learning how to eat a healthy diet without emptying their bank accounts can stop by the Student Union today for the annual Nutrition Fair from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. Members of the Nutrition Educa- tion Action Team, a group of senior and graduate students specializing in nutrition education and outreach, will be displaying 15 interactive booths where students can learn how to prepare cheap, healthy food. The event is part of this year’s “Cheap, Fast & Healthy” theme, said Luisa Garret, the team’s out- reach coordinator. The theme, she said, was developed in direct re- sponse to student evaluations at last year’s fair. 
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Publication Date
March 11, 2008
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"Nutrition fair promotes eating healthy for the not-so wealthy" Spartan Daily Vol. 130 Iss. 27 (2008) p. 1
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