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Learning a Kitchen Lesson (Without a Microwave)
Spartan Daily (2008)
Standing in front of her class, nu- trition and food science grad student Jamie Kubota stressed the importance of knife safety, dicing and ski goggles. Proper knife safety involves curl- ing in the fingers of the off hand to prevent slicing the fingertips, and dicing, in the academic sense, is specifically quarter-inch by quar- ter-inch by quarter-inch cubes. The ski goggles were a gift from her husband she uses so she won’t cry while chopping onions, to which she claims to be very sensitive. It was the first of four free cook- ing classes exclusively for Campus Village Building B residents, held in the Central Classroom building.
Students from Campus Village Building B can expect more tips like this in the weeks that follow, as the class goes on until the “Iron Chef” finale on March 11. 
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Publication Date
February 21, 2008
Citation Information
"Learning a Kitchen Lesson (Without a Microwave)" Spartan Daily Vol. 130 Iss. 17 (2008) p. 1 - 3
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