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Unpublished Paper
From Embedded to Integrated: New Teaching Models for Academic Librarians
ACRL 2011 Contributed Paper (2011)
  • Marisa Walstrum, National Louis University
  • Larissa Garcia, National Louis University
  • Rob Morrison, National Louis University

This paper describes our experience launching LIBR 200, moving beyond traditional library instruction to integrating digital information literacy into the larger curriculum. By creating a credit course that focuses on digital information literacy, the NLU Library was able to fill a void in the general education curriculum, thus making it possible for LIBR 200 to be included in undergraduate degree programs. Because librarians are faculty and have fostered a positive and collaborative reputation throughout the University, the library faculty role has evolved to include participation in program development and the development and teaching of library credit courses in order to address the information and digital literacy needs of students.

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Marisa Walstrum, Larissa Garcia and Rob Morrison. "From Embedded to Integrated: New Teaching Models for Academic Librarians" ACRL 2011 Contributed Paper (2011)
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