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About Marisa Bueno

My PhD (December 2011) focussed in the analysis of medieval settlements and material culture from Landscape Antropology perspective in early medieval east Castille. This area of analysis allows the approach to different superposes societies, the Hispanic-Roman one influenced by Visigoth presence that survives up to the 7th and 10th century, and the Islamic society after 711, mainly represented by the Berber families clients of the Omeya power.
The study has been focused in the analysis of settlement, and societies, considering the invisibles facts, such as religion, law and ancient traditions as main factors in order to explain the settlements and the relationships between men and their environmental. Different settlements (villages, farms, cave occupation, certain hilltop fortified placed and cemeteries) represents the rural communities occupation, largely invisible to the monumentalist approach focused in the analysis of military frontier between Muslim and Christian communities in this area.
This research has been designed using a multidisciplinary approach from landscape archeology starting with written sources to the recent developments in the field of rescue archeology, paleoenviromental work to describe vegetation history and ethnology to explain societies subsistence strategies and identity process of this communities.
Currently I'm working about relations between Christianity and Islam in Castilian area, with special emphasis on issues such as polemics, conversion and the situation of religious minorities under Christian rule through Castilian Laws. Post-Doctoral Researcher in RELMIN projet.


Present Postdoctoral POCRAM, Universite Paris Est-Creteil

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