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Combinatorics of Open Covers (III): Games, Cp(X)
Fundamenta Mathematicae
  • Marion Scheepers, Boise State University
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Some of the covering properties of spaces as defined in Parts I and II are here characterized by games. These results, applied to function spaces Cp(X) of countable tightness, give new characterizations of countable fan tightness and countable strong fan tightness. In particular, each of these properties is characterized by a Ramseyan theorem.
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This document was originally published by Polska Akademia Nauk * Instytut Matematyczny (Institute of Mathematics · Polish Academy of Sciences) in Fundamenta Mathematicae. Copyright restrictions may apply.

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Marion Scheepers. "Combinatorics of Open Covers (III): Games, Cp(X)" Fundamenta Mathematicae (1997)
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