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Telling the whole story : assessing achievement in English
  • Marion Meiers, ACER
  • R McGregor
The development of literacy is a responsibility shared by all teachers, in all curriculum areas. This book focuses on the development and achievement of competency in English, across all years of schooling. Part 1 offers a rationale for a responsive approach to assessment in English. A range of contexts representing the kinds of classroom experiences which promote the development of language competency and where students show significant signs of becoming effective makers and users of language is described. The third chapter describes the planning and management of an active learning context in one English classroom. Part 2 looks specifically at learning and development in talking and listening, reading and writing, and identifies a database of descriptive statements whcih can be used to focus observation and to describe development. This excellent section forms the bulk of the many practical guidelines integrating key aspects of teaching, learning and assessment. Part 3 presents practical suggestions for: record keeping; developing descriptive profiles; and reporting, including sample formats.
Publication Date
Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER)
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Marion Meiers and R McGregor. Telling the whole story : assessing achievement in English. Hawthorn(1991)
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