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Profits and Morality
  • Mario J Rizzo
Preface Robin Cowan, Mario J. Rizzo. 1: Fundamental Issues in the Justification of Profits Robin Cowan, Mario J. Rizzo. 2: The Nature of Profits: Some Economic Insights and Their Ethical Implications Israel M. Kirzner 3: Deserving Profits Jan Narveson 4: The Moral Status of Profits and Other Rewards: A Perspective from Modern Welfare Economics Peter J. Hammond 5: Rights to Natural Talents and Pure Profits: A Critique of Gauthier on Rights and Economic Rent Eric Mack 6: The Cultural Justification of Unearned Income: An Economic Model of Merit Goods Based on Aristotelian Ideas of Akrasia and Distributive Justice Robert D. Cooter, James Gordley.
Publication Date
Robin Cowan and Mario J. Rizzo
University of Chicago Press
Citation Information
Mario J Rizzo. Profits and Morality. Chicago, IL(1995)
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