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About Marilyn Ford-Gilboe

Dr. Marilyn Ford-Gilboe is a Distinguished University Professor at Western University and an adjunct professor in the school's Department of Family Medicine, part of the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, whose research concerns women's health and health inequity.

Children's Health Collaborators: Piotr Wilk

Dr. Ford-Gilboe has adjunct appointments at the University of New Brunswick and John Hopkins University, in Baltimore, Maryland.

Research Interests
  • Women’s health and health inequity across diverse contexts, including rural settings
  • Health, social and economic consequences of gender-based violence and trauma
  • Development and testing complex (F2F and online) interventions to improve health and quality of life for women with histories of IPV
  • Strengthening health care approaches for people living with violence and inequity
  • Trauma- and violence-informed care, relational practice and strengths-based models of practice/service delivery (particularly related to community health nursing)
  • Measurement of gender-based violence and equity-oriented care

iHEAL in Context: Testing the Effectiveness of a Health Promotion Intervention for Women who have Experienced Intimate Partner Violence (2016-2021)
  • Funding: Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC)
  • Principal Investigators: Ford-Gilboe, M, Scott-Storey, K. and Varcoe, C.
  • Co-Investigators: Browne, A., Jackson, K., MacMillan, H., Mantler, T., Perrin, N., O’Donnell, S., Jack, S., Smye, V., Vissandje, B., Wathen, N.

Effectiveness of an internet-based decision aid in enhancing safety behaviors, reducing exposure to violence and improving mental health among women experiencing intimate partner violence (2012-2020)
  • Funding: Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)
  • Principal Investigators: M. Ford-Gilboe, C. Varcoe, K. Scott-Storey, J. Wuest
  • Co-Investigators: N. Glass, N. Wathen, N. Perrin, L. Currie, M. Hodgins, H. MacMillan, D. Neal, M. Noh

Testing the Performance of the Composite Abuse Scale (Revised) Short Form (CASR-SF) Among Canadian Adults who have Experienced Intimate Partner Violence (2018-2020)
  • Funding: Public Health Agency of Canada
  • Principal Investigators: Ford-Gilboe, M., Wathen, N.
  • Co-Investigators: O’Donnell, S., Scott-Storey, K., Varcoe, C., MacMillan, H., Perrin, N.

Chronic Pain in Women Living with Social Inequities: A Critical Systems Thinking Approach and Analysis (2019-2020)
  • Funded by Women’s Xchange (Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care)
  • Principal Investigator: Befus, D.
Co-Investigators: Ford-Gilboe, M., Mantler, T., Jackson, K., Oudshoorn, A., Trentman, K.

Research Interest Area: Mental health and behavioural disorders
Research Overview: Health promotion; Family health; Women’s health


Present Adjunct Appointment, University of New Brunswick ‐ School of Graduate Studies
Present Adjunct Professor, Western University Department of Family Medicine
Present Adjunct Professor, Johns Hopkins University ‐ School of Nursing
Present Associate Scientist, Lawson Health Research Institute ‐ Children's Health Research Institute (CHRI)


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