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Occupational Hearing Loss in Agricultural Settings
Journal of Agricultural & Food Information (2006)
  • Marilia Y. Antunez, Michigan State University
Most of the materials on hearing loss due to noise in the agricultural industry are training and research-oriented materials in the form of brochures, manuals, and journal articles, published by academic presses, government associations, and professional organizations, respectively. Few books are entirely devoted to the topic of hearing loss in agricultural settings. Recently, many occupational and safety Web sites have been adding information and links to publications dealing with hearing loss in the agricultural industry. This Webliography represents the author's best efforts to briefly describe some authoritative Web sites with information targeted to individuals interested in farm occupational hearing loss.
  • Hearing loss,
  • occupational hearing loss,
  • hearing loss prevention,
  • labor safety,
  • agricultural workers,
  • farmers,
  • agriculture
Publication Date
October, 2006
Citation Information
Marilia Y. Antunez. "Occupational Hearing Loss in Agricultural Settings" Journal of Agricultural & Food Information Vol. 7 Iss. 4 (2006)
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