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XSLT stylesheet for ETDs (BePress QDC + RDA)
  • Marielle Veve, University of North Florida
  • Terry Reese, Ohio State University - Main Campus
This is a customized stylesheet (XSLT) to transform electronic theses & dissertations (ETDs) metadata from the BePress' Qualified Dublin Core (QDC) proprietary schema to MARC21 schema following RDA standards. Adapted from the original XSLT "OAIDCtoMARCXML" included in the MarcEdit 6.2 package.
  • XSLT,
  • Digital Commons,
  • RDA,
  • ETD metadata,
  • MARC,
  • BePress' Qualified Dublin Core
Publication Date
Will need an XML editor to open.
Citation Information
Marielle Veve and Terry Reese. "XSLT stylesheet for ETDs (BePress QDC + RDA)" (2015)
Available at:
Creative Commons license
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons CC_BY-NC International License.