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Thesis Chapter 8
  • Marie McKenzie Mills, University of Warwick
The Trainers’ Forum is viewed as an activity system (AS) in its entirety through considering the continuous patterns of activity within sessions of Forum meetings. However, in order to proceed with analyses at the level of the declarative, procedural and social interactions/discourses that Engeström suggests are necessary for actual-empirical analyses, the community, its rules and division of labour are foregrounded. The object of activity can then be analysed subsequently in light of the conceptual models that have emerged in the Forum. Findings concerning the object of activity are therefore presented last in Chapter 9, in order to conclude discussion of the object of activity - and the thesis argument - in terms of how particular conceptual models are associated with a particular rationality of practice and professionality.
  • Community,
  • Division of Labour,
  • Rules,
  • trainers,
  • community,
  • community of practice,
  • cultural-historical-activity-theory,
  • pedagogy,
  • evaluative tools,
  • clinical research
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Marie McKenzie Mills. "Thesis Chapter 8" (2009)
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