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Like wolves in a pack: stories of predatory alliances of bullies in nursing
Journal of Management and Organisation
  • Marie Hutchinson, Southern Cross University
  • Margaret H Vickers, University of Western Sydney
  • Debra Jackson, University of Western Sydney
  • Lesley Wilkes, University of Western Sydney
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The findings from the first, qualitative stage of a larger sequential mixed method study of bullying in the Australian nursing workplace are reported. Interviews with twenty-six nurses, recruited from two health care organizations, were analysed using the constant comparative method. Participants described informal organizational networks as the mechanism through which predatory, co-operative, and planned group bullying acts were promulgated. These predatory alliances enabled the co-option of legitimate organizational systems, the concealment of bullying, and the protection and promotion of perpetrators. By identifying the manner in which workplace bullying can be embedded within informal organizational networks, this research has important implications for further research in this field.
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Hutchinson, M, Vickers, MH, Jackson, D & Wilkes, L 2006, 'Like wolves in a pack: stories of predatory alliances of bullies in nursing', Journal of Management and Organisation, vol. 12, no. 3, pp. 235-251.