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“Blood and Honour”: The Greek White Women’s Front
Gender in Global Governance Net-Work (2012)
  • Marianna Karakoulaki, University of Birmingham

The Greek economic crisis has caused a lot of changes not only in the society but also in the political scenery. However, never before in the courses of the Modern Greek History ware the nationalist movement and the far right wing so strong and popular. The elections held on June 2012 revealed a rather disturbing trend; a significant number of voters (7.51%) voted for the nationalist/neo-nazi party called Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) and 18 of its nominees were elected as members of the parliament. It should be noted here that this is the first time that an extreme right wing party with an ideology inspired by Nazi Germany and the Third Reich became part of the Greek parliament. Although the societal implications of its presence in the parliament are multifaceted, this article will focus on the women of Golden Dawn, the so called White Women Front.

Publication Date
Fall October 16, 2012
Citation Information
Marianna Karakoulaki. "“Blood and Honour”: The Greek White Women’s Front" Gender in Global Governance Net-Work (2012)
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