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The USA’s Stance on Syria
Strategy International (2012)
  • Marianna Karakoulaki, University of Birmingham

The atrocities committed by the Syrian regime against its citizens since the beginning of the Syrian revolts are unquestionable and the possibility of an intervention by the international community has been widely discussed. However, despite the fact that the Uprising and the way it has been dealt by the Syrian regime turns out to become one of the worst civil wars in the Middle East’s recent history, no successful action has been taken so far. In this article I will examine the stance that the United States have held concerning the Syrian Uprising mostly focusing on recent developments. However, I will not focus on the US – Syrian Relations in general it but I will try to look at the rationale behind the USA’s stance during the Syrian Uprisings. Last but not least, neither will I seek to answer whether it is right or wrong for the international community to intervene in Syria nor will I present the pro and anti-intervention arguments.

  • Syria,
  • US Foreign Policy,
  • Middle East
Publication Date
Summer July 12, 2012
Citation Information
Marianna Karakoulaki. "The USA’s Stance on Syria" Strategy International (2012)
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