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Ethnic Group Comparisons in Mental Health Outcomes of Adult Alumni of Foster Care
Children and Youth Services Review
  • Marian S. Harris, University of Washington Tacoma
  • Lovie J. Jackson
  • Kirk O'Brien
  • Peter Pecora
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Racial similarities and differences in mental health outcomes of African American and White adults placed in foster care as children were examined. Existing general population studies present mixed findings as to whether racial differences in mental health exist, therefore, the current study sought to test the null hypothesis of no racial group differences in this sample of young adult alumni of foster care who were all placed as children with a private foster care agency. Specifically, logistic regression analyses were used to compare mental health outcomes among African American and White alumni. Race/ethnicity was significant only for the diagnosis of 12-month Modified Social Phobia. When controlling for demographic background, risk factors, and foster care experiences, race/ethnicity ceased to be a significant factor.
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Marian S. Harris, Lovie J. Jackson, Kirk O'Brien and Peter Pecora. "Ethnic Group Comparisons in Mental Health Outcomes of Adult Alumni of Foster Care" Children and Youth Services Review Vol. 32 Iss. 2 (2010) p. 171 - 177
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