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A Group Recommender for Movies Based on Content Similarity and Popularity
Information Processing & Management (2013)
  • Maria S. Pera, Brigham Young University
  • Yiu-Kai Ng, Brigham Young University
People are gregarious by nature, which explains why group activities, from colleagues sharing a meal to friends attending a book club event together, are the social norm. Online group recommenders identify items of interest, such as restaurants, movies, and books, that satisfy the collective needs of a group (rather than the interests of individual group members). With a number of new movies being released every week, online recommenders play a significant role in suggesting movies for family members or groups of friends/people to watch, either at home or at movie theaters. Making group recommendations relevant to the joint interests of a group, however, is not a trivial task due to the diversity in preferences among group members. To address this issue, we introduce GroupReM which makes movie recommendations appealing (to a certain degree) to members of a group by (i) employing a merging strategy to explore individual group members’ interests in movies and create a profile that reflects the preferences of the group on movies, (ii) using word-correlation factors to find movies similar in content, and (iii) considering the popularity of movies at a movie website. Unlike existing group recommenders based on collaborative filtering (CF) which consider ratings of movies to perform the recommendation task, GroupReM primarily employs (personal) tags for capturing the contents of movies considered for recommendation and group members’ interests. The design of GroupReM, which is simple and domain-independent, can easily be extended to make group recommendations on items other than movies. Empirical studies conducted using more than 3000 groups of different users in the MovieLens dataset, which are various in terms of numbers and preferences in movies, show that GroupReM is highly effective and efficient in recommending movies appealing to a group. Experimental results also verify that GroupReM outperforms popular CF-based recommenders in making group recommendations.
  • group recommender,
  • content-similarity,
  • popularity,
  • movie
Publication Date
May, 2013
Citation Information
Maria S. Pera and Yiu-Kai Ng. "A Group Recommender for Movies Based on Content Similarity and Popularity" Information Processing & Management Vol. 49 Iss. 3 (2013) p. 673 - 687
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