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About Maria Mendonca

Maria Mendonça is an ethnomusicologist who teaches in the music and anthropology departments at Kenyon. Her research interests include Indonesian music (particularly gamelan traditions of Java and Bali), circulation of culture, music and prisons, and ethnomusicology and the public sector. She also directs the Sundanese gamelan degung ensemble at Kenyon.
Maria Mendonça has worked as an ethnomusicologist in a variety of settings in the United Kingdom and United States. Most recently, she taught at Bowling Green State University (2005-6) and before this held a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Ethnomusicology at University of Chicago (2004-5). In the UK, she was an ethnomusicology editor for the recent edition of The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians. She has also been a Javanese gamelan tutor and lecturer in Indonesian music for several British universities and conservatories, and has advised and led projects involving gamelan and music education as for a range of British arts institutions, including the South Bank Centre, London; BBC Symphony Orchestra; and St David's Hall, Cardiff. She established the Gamelan Education program in the Hallé Orchestra, Manchester, from 1993-95.
Maria Mendonça performs gamelan with several groups, including Friends of the Gamelan (Chicago), South Bank Gamelan Players (London), and Cardiff Gamelan (Wales, UK); and has also been a gamelan performer in theatre productions for Royal National Theatre, London, and Royal Shakespeare Company.
She is currently working on a book manuscript entitled Globalization and Gamelan: Communitas, Affinity and Other Stories.


Present Henry Luce Associate Professor of Asian Music and Culture, Kenyon College

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