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Public Relations in English County Cricket
Corporate Communications: An International Journal (2005)
  • Maria Hopwood
Contemporary organisations have come to understand that they can differentiate themselves and their offerings and also gain competitive advantage by developing the public relations function as part of their communications and relationship building strategies. This is also true for sports organisations and the promotion of the sport product. The transactions and relationships that exist in all modern sports are frequently of a commercial nature and it is a fact that market pressure imposes an instrumental rationality on sporting institutions, just as it tends to do so on all business organisations. (Hargreaves, 1998) Public relations practice in sport is rarely evident yet to the contemporary sport business it has much to offer. Research was conducted in order to find out if and how professional cricket clubs use public relations. A critical finding from this research is that the communications strategies recommended for use in cricket, are equally applicable and can undoubtedly offer the same potential benefits to all sports.
  • Public relations,
  • sports,
  • relationship management,
  • stakeholders,
  • cricket
Publication Date
January 1, 2005
Citation Information
Maria Hopwood. "Public Relations in English County Cricket" Corporate Communications: An International Journal (2005)
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