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Learning Thresholds: A Journey in Online Learning and Teaching
TEACH Journal of Christian Education
  • David P Wilson, Avondale College of Higher Education
  • Peter Williams, Avondale College
  • Warrick R Long, Avondale College
  • Maria T Northcote, Avondale College of Higher Education

Three tertiary business educators transitioned their teaching from a just face-to-face mode of content delivery into online/blended content delivery formats. It was found there were three dominant domains of learning thresholds for these educators, which involved the course, student engagement and the teacher. The course domain considered alternative approaches to teaching and course design. The student domain focussed on student engagement and feedback. The teacher domain addressed teacher identity and interactions. Challenges faced by the educators included adopting a new paradigm of teaching, benchmarking efforts, and adequate resourcing. The positive transformative experience involved the educators gaining increased self-assurance in becoming effective online educators.

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David P Wilson, Peter Williams, Warrick R Long and Maria T Northcote. "Learning Thresholds: A Journey in Online Learning and Teaching" (2017)
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