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Photo Activation Study of Three Isomers of N-pyridyl Mesosubstituted Porphyrin
Chemistry and Physics Faculty Proceedings, Presentations, Speeches, Lectures
  • Lulio Sanz, Nova Southeastern University
  • Kiran Chamarti, Nova Southeastern University
  • Maria Ballester, Nova Southeastern University
  • Victor Castro, Nova Southeastern University
  • Brian L. Van Hoozen, Jr., Nova Southeastern University
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American Chemical Society Spring 2019 National Meeting & Expo / Orlando, Florida
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Light of particular wavelengths can activate some types of porphyrins more easily than others. In this project, we will use a fluorescence light to activate three different isomers of N-pyridyl mesosubstituted porphyrin using different intensities. For each of the intensities to be used (2.0, 4.5 and 8.0 W/m2), the porphyrin isomers will be exposed for one hour. The spectrum of each set of isomers will be compared with an unexposed sample to determine if a particular light intensity enhances the activation process. In particular, we will be observing changes in the emission intensities, and wavelength shifts.

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Lulio Sanz, Kiran Chamarti, Maria Ballester, Victor Castro, et al.. "Photo Activation Study of Three Isomers of N-pyridyl Mesosubstituted Porphyrin" (2019)
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