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About Margot G Malachowski, MLS, AHIP

Margot Malachowski, MLS, AHIP works with the National Network of Libraries of Medicine as an Education and Outreach Coordinator for the New England Region. Margot presents and exhibits on MedlinePlus and other resources available through the National Library of Medicine. She offers classes on grants and proposal writing for librarians, educators and community organizations. Prior to coming to UMass Medical School, Margot worked for 12 years in public libraries and 8 years in a hospital library.


January 2017 Present Education and Outreach Coordinator, University of Massachusetts Medical School National Network of Libraries of Medicine, New England Region

Contact Information

National Network of Libraries of Medicine
New England Region
UMass Medical School
55 Lake Ave North
Worcester, MA 01655


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Digitizing Hospital Archives (2)