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What about the Workers: The missing geographies of health care
Progress in Human Geography (2016)
  • Margaret Walton-Roberts
  • Margaret Walton-Roberts
Geographies of health have neglected relevant consideration of health human resources. Five developments
in the sub-discipline are examined to demonstrate how health labour has been neglected. Three research
themes, circulation, regulation and distribution, are then presented to indicate the value of a greater focus on
health workers for the geography of health, and we suggest that deeper analytical engagement with labour
and feminist geographies can support this. Each theme points to the increasingly global organization of health
care and the need for health geographers to seriously examine the role of health workers during a period of
health transformation, globalization, and privatization.
  • global health,
  • health geography,
  • human resources,
  • labour,
  • medical geography,
  • migration,
  • workers
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Citation Information
Connell, J., & Walton-Roberts, M. (2016). What about the workers? The missing geographies of health care. Progress in Human Geography, 40(2), 158-176.