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International migration of health professionals and the marketization
Social Science and Medicine (2016)
  • Margaret Walton-Roberts
Health worker migration theories have tended to focus on labour market conditions as principal push orpull factors. The role of education systems in producing internationally oriented health workers has beenless explored. In place of the traditional conceptual approaches to understanding health worker, especiallynurse, migration, I advocate global political economy (GPE) as a perspective that can highlight howeducational investment and global migration tendencies are increasing interlinked. The Indian case illustratesthe globally oriented nature of health care training, and informs a broader understanding of
both the process of health worker migration, and how it reflects wider marketization tendencies evident
in India's education and health systems. The Indian case also demonstrates how the global orientation ofeducation systems in source regions is increasingly central to comprehending the place of health workersin the global and Asian rise in migration. The paper concludes that Indian corporate health care trainingsystems are increasingly aligned with the production of professionals orientated to globally integratedhealth human resource labour markets, and our conceptual analysis of such processes must effectively
reflect these tendencies.
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Margaret Walton-Roberts. "International migration of health professionals and the marketization" Social Science and Medicine (2016)
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