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Unpublished Paper
The recreational value of Bundjalung National Park
  • Margaret Tiyce, Southern Cross University
The aim of this research was to estimate the recreational use value of Bundjalung National Park, using the travel cost method. A survey of 840 park visitors was conducted between 1 January and 30 July 1999. The survey collected data on visitor travel costs, travel patterns and socioeconomic characteristics. Bundjalung visitors were predominantly from north east NSW (60%) and south east Queensland (32%). A large number of visitors were children (35%), denoting the importance of the park to families. Many adult visitors did not have university qualifications (80%) and were on low incomes. The travel cost method was used to develop a demand curve for visits to Bundjalung National Park, from which an estimation of consumers surplus was made. In 1999 values, the recreational value of the park was estimated to be between $2,133,102 and $2,871,492 per year or between $24.76 and $34.51 per person, per visit. On the assumption that recreational benefits would remain constant into the future, the net present value of recreation in the park was estimated to be between $28,796,877 and $38,765,142 assuming an 8% discount rate. While these calculations provide order of magnitude estimates of the recreational use value of the park, they do not account for other important non-use values, suggesting the total economic value of the park may indeed be much higher. These estimates do, however, confirm the considerable value of the park to recreational users and provide planners, managers and policy makers with important information to facilitate the effective, efficient and equitable management of recreational resources in Bundjalung National Park.
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Tiyce, M 2001, 'The recreational value of Bundjalung National Park', BBus(Hons) thesis, Southern Cross University, Lismore, NSW. Copyright M Tiyce 2001