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About Margaret A. Streeter

Dr. Margaret A. Streeter came to the Department of Anthropology at Boise State University in 2005. Her M.A. and Ph.D., both in Physical Anthropology, are from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Dr. Streeter's interests in forensics, bone biology, and osteology led to her dissertation topic of histomorphometric characteristics of the subadult rib cortex, and continue to direct her current research. In addition to her teaching and research work, Dr. Streeter has served as a forensic consultant with state and local law enforcement agencies in both Missouri and Idaho.

Research Interests

Physical Anthropology, Forensic Anthropology, and Osteology

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Honors and Awards

  • 2007, 2005 - Faculty Teaching Award, Boise State University
  • 2005 - Outstanding Graduate Student Award, University of Missouri


  • Introduction to Anthropology
  • Physical Anthropology
  • Human Evolution and Paleontology
  • Human Variation
  • Osteology
  • Medical Anthropology
  • Forensic Anthropology
  • Advanced Topics in Evolutionary Anthropology
  • Diachronic Methods in Anthropology

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