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A Service-Learning Program in Nicaragua: Aging, Environment, and Health
The Journal of the International Federation on Ageing (2010)
  • Margaret Neal, Portland State University
  • Keren Brown Wilson
  • Alan DeLaTorre, Portland State University
  • Milton Lopez
In 2003, a study-abroad program at Portland State University (PSU) was conceived as a partnership between the Institute on Aging (IOA) at PSU and the Jessie F. Richardson Foundation (JFR)—a charitable organization dedicated to helping indigent elders around the globe by addressing immediate needs, promoting self help and reciprocity, and fostering intergenerational involvement. The purpose of the program was to help students learn about global aging, particularly aging in developing countries, by working with local communities in a developing nation to bolster the country’s capacity for improving the lives of older adults. The IOA was to coordinate the educational component by selecting students for the program, holding classes, and then leading students on a service-learning trip to Nicaragua. JFR was to serve as the main conduit between PSU faculty and students and key organizations and stakeholders in Nicaragua. The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) provided technical assistance and connections to individuals and groups in Nicaragua, including officials within the Ministries of Family and Health. These contacts, in turn, helped in establishing relationships with individuals and organizations involved in housing and caring for older adults in various locations throughout Nicaragua. This article describes the development and implementation of this service-learning program focused on aging, environment, and health.
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Margaret Neal, Keren Brown Wilson, Alan DeLaTorre and Milton Lopez. "A Service-Learning Program in Nicaragua: Aging, Environment, and Health" The Journal of the International Federation on Ageing Vol. 6 Iss. 2 (2010)
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