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Feminist Judgments & #MeToo
Notre Dame Law Review Online
  • Margaret E Johnson, University of Baltimore School of Law
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The Feminist Judgments book series and the #MeToo movement share the feminist method of narrative. Feminist Judgments is a scholarly project of rewriting judicial opinions using feminist legal theory. #MeToo is a narrative movement by people, primarily women, telling their stories of sexual harassment or assault. Both Feminist Judgments and #MeToo bring to the surface stories that have been silenced, untold, or overlooked. These narrative collections can and do effectuate genderjustice change by empowering people, changing perspectives, opening up new learning, and affecting future legal and nonlegal outcomes.

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Margaret E Johnson. "Feminist Judgments & #MeToo" Notre Dame Law Review Online Vol. 94 (2018) p. 51
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