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Collaborating to Improve Collaboration: Informationist Team Support for an Interdisciplinary Research Group
University of Massachusetts and New England Area Librarian e-Science Symposium
  • Margaret E. Henderson, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Julie Arendt, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • John W. W. Cyrus, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Karen H. Gau, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Martha Roseberry, Virginia Commonwealth University
Start Date
9-4-2015 12:00 PM
Objectives Three subject librarians and a data librarian, representing three departments and two libraries at a university, were awarded an NLM Informationist Supplement to support an interdisciplinary research group with an NIH grant. The Informationist Team developed a model to utilize the skills of multiple librarians to support the increasing number of interdisciplinary and interprofessional research groups at the university. Methods A pre-survey was administered to the Research Group to provide a baseline assessment of their use of librarian expertise and library services. The Informationist Team met to identify areas of expertise to support the objectives of the grant. Literature searching, bibliographic citation management and sharing, and data management were the first areas to be considered. Librarians routinely attended lab meetings and shared notes with each other to keep up with researcher needs. When possible, research questions were answered in the lab meetings by librarians. Interviews with Research Group members were used to develop a data management plan. Collaborative tools to facilitate team communication and support research being conducted in multiple buildings on two campuses were investigated. Future work will include publication support, assessing research impact, and appraising the usefulness of the Informationist Team to the Research Group.
  • Informationist,
  • collaborative research,
  • library support,
  • interdisciplinary research
Creative Commons License
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0
Citation Information
Margaret E. Henderson, Julie Arendt, John W. W. Cyrus, Karen H. Gau, et al.. "Collaborating to Improve Collaboration: Informationist Team Support for an Interdisciplinary Research Group" (2015)
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