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Fostering Resilient Characteristics in Individuals with Learning Disabilities
The ICCTE Journal
  • Margaret Grigorenko, Cedarville University
  • V. S. Dugle
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Educational resilience is an important term for teacher candidates in Christian institutions to understand. Resilience can be nurtured and instilled in the lives of individuals with learning disabilities, and teacher candidates can play a vital role in that process. To assist in this course of action, a look at the definition and common characteristics of resilience are discussed. In addition, a closer look at four resilient individuals with learning disabilities is provided. Concrete suggestions on ways to incorporate resilient characteristics into students with learning disabilities are shared.

  • Learning disabilities
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Margaret Grigorenko and V. S. Dugle. "Fostering Resilient Characteristics in Individuals with Learning Disabilities" The ICCTE Journal Vol. 4 Iss. 1 (2009)
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