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Focusing observations: developmental assessment in the classroom
ARIS Resource Bulletin (1998)
  • Margaret Forster, ACER
At all levels of the education system teachers are being challenged to attend closely to assessment and reporting procedures - to assess students against a wide range of learning outcomes, to monitor student progress against developmental frameworks, and to provide evidence supporting their judgments of student achievement. For the past six years Adult Language and Literacy educators have assessed students using the CGEA framework. The 'newly accredited' Certificates-a set of described levels of achievement-emphasise not only the traditional areas of reading, writing, and mathematics, but also generic skills such as problem-solving, planning and organising activities, and working in teams. How can tutors best assess students in areas where paper and pen assessments provide little evidence of achievement? How can tutors assess adults who possess complex life skills hut limited language and literacy skills? What issues need to be considered when assessing and reporting against described levels of achievement?
Publication Date
March, 1998
Citation Information
Margaret Forster. "Focusing observations: developmental assessment in the classroom" ARIS Resource Bulletin Vol. 9 Iss. 1 (1998)
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