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The Speck Connection: Recovering Histories of Indigenous Objects
Penn Museum Blog
  • Margaret Bruchac, University of Pennsylvania
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Frank Gouldsmith Speck (1881–1950), acknowledged as one of the most prolific anthropologists of the early 20th century, served as chair of the Department of Anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania for nearly four decades (1913–1949). He conducted ground-breaking ethnographic research, working closely with Indigenous informants from a wide range of communities (Cherokee, Haudenosaunee, Mohegan, Nanticoke, Penobscot, etc.) and amassed thousands of objects. Although his collections contain seminal data on tribal nations, languages, art, technology, and customs, public understandings of that data and those peoples are often flawed or incomplete, and the objects he collected are widely distributed among various museums.

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Margaret Bruchac. "The Speck Connection: Recovering Histories of Indigenous Objects" Penn Museum Blog (2015)
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