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Network Design With A Genetic Algorithm
Information Technology papers
  • Stephen J Sugden, Bond University
  • Graham McMahon, Bond University
  • Marcus Randall, Bond University
  • Les Berry
  • Bruce Murtagh
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Journal Article
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Sugden, S., McMahon, G., Randell, M., Berry, L., Murtagh, B., (2006) Network design with a genetic algorithm.

© Copyright Stephen Sugden, Graham McMahon, Marcus Randall, Les Berry and Burce Murtagh, 2006.
In telecommunications network design, nodes need to be linked in an economical way to handle expected traffic. Capacity constraints, degree constraints and hop limits are to be respected. A genetic algorithm with some novel features is described. The crossover method generates an optimal child solution for the parents selected.
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Stephen J Sugden, Graham McMahon, Marcus Randall, Les Berry, et al.. "Network Design With A Genetic Algorithm" (2006)
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