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About Dr. Marcus S. Cooke PhD, FRCPath

Dr. Cooke's Oxidative Stress Group studies the role of genotoxicity in the pathogenesis of disease, in particular the link between oxidative stress, and genomic instability: from basic mechanisms to translational application of validated biomarkers.  Specifically, formation and repair of damage to nuclear/mitochondrial DNA and the nucleotide precursor pools; and DNA adductomics: (i) the totality of adducts in cellular DNA, and urine; (ii) the genome-wide mapping of damage.

In the last five years, he has been involved, either as principal investigator or collaborator, in major research projects funded by NIEHS (current funding R01, R15, R41; R03 pending), The Thomas Helleday Foundation for Medical Research (current), Cancer Research UK, the UK Food Standards Agency, the European Union and industry.

Total 119.  Peer-reviewed: 88 original data/reviews; the majority of which are in the top three journals for oxidative stress/DNA damage.  Non-peer-reviewed: 13 book chapters; 8 reviews/commentaries.  Co-editor of one book, guest editor of a special DNA damage edition of Free Radical Research (2012), ), and guest associate editor for a special edition of Frontiers in Chemistry (2019), on “Mass Spectrometry for Adductomic Analysis”.  h-index: 36 (Scopus), 42 (Google Scholar), cited by 6552 (Scopus), 9166 (Google Scholar).  i10-index: 75.  UK Research Excellence Framework (2014) publication score 3.125.  One patent pending, two US and one UK granted.

He is also a Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists (FRCPath).


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