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Acteal: An Open Wound on Indigenous Human Rights
Dialogo (2010)
  • Marco Tavanti, DePaul University
The December 22, 1997 massacre of indigenous Maya people in town of Acteal in the Highlands of Chiapas, Mexico is an unsolved justice and indigenous rights case. Although some paramilitary associated people were imprisoned and liberated by a decision of the Mexican Supreme Court, the sense of justice and proper reparation is nothing but a frustrated reality for various indigenous groups, especially for the family members of the victims, members of Las Abejas (The Bees) civil society organization.
  • Acteal,
  • Chiapas
Publication Date
Summer 2010
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Marco Tavanti. "Acteal: An Open Wound on Indigenous Human Rights" Dialogo Vol. 13 (2010)
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