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Vincentian University Partnerships for Urban Poverty Reduction
Vincentian Heritage Journal
  • Marco Tavanti, Ph.D.
  • Merlinda A. Palencia
  • Margaret Guzzaldo
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This article discusses the vital need for academic and intersectoral partnerships in the effort to reduce global poverty, especially in cities of developing nations. The academic alliance between DePaul and Adamson universities, and their cooperation with popular organizations (POs) from the communities of poor persons in Manila are described. The activities of Adamson’s Vincentian Center for Social Responsibility (VCSR) and the POs are profiled. DePaul, Adamson, the POs, and the VCSR are working to “increase the leadership and organizational capacity of the POs.” The tenets of academic social responsibility and their reflection of Vincentian values are highlighted.
Citation Information
Marco Tavanti, Merlinda A. Palencia and Margaret Guzzaldo. "Vincentian University Partnerships for Urban Poverty Reduction" (2008)
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