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L'impronta dell'inutilità. Dalla teleologia di Aristotele alle genealogie di Darwin, Pisa: ETS, 2012 - (PDF: INTRODUZIONE).
  • Marco Solinas
The book aims to offer a contribution to the historiographical and conceptual reconfiguration of the evolutionary revolution in the light of the centuries-old tenets of the Aristotelian biological tradition. Darwin’s breakthrough constitutes a thorough overturning of the fixist, essentialist and teleological framework created by Aristotle, a framework still dominant in the 17th Century world of Harvey and Ray, as well as Galileo, and then hegemonic until Linnaeus and Cuvier. This change is exemplified in the morphological analysis of useless parts, such as the sightless eyes of moles, already discussed by Aristotle, and which Darwin used almost like a crowbar to unhinge the systematic recourse to final causes. This is an ancient teleological heritage present in various forms in the concept of natural selection, but by then confined within an eminently historical framework open to randomness.
  • Evolutionary Biology,
  • Philosophy,
  • Epistemology,
  • Classics,
  • Philosophy of Science,
  • Philosophy of Biology,
  • History of Ideas,
  • Aristotle,
  • History of Biology (History),
  • History of Mathematics,
  • Philosophy Of Mathematics,
  • History of Science,
  • History and Philosophy of Biology,
  • Science,
  • Biology,
  • Life Sciences,
  • Galileo Galilei,
  • Evolution,
  • Natural Theology,
  • History of Biology,
  • Ancient Philosophy,
  • History Of Modern Philosophy,
  • Aristotle's Commentators,
  • Life History Evolution,
  • Aristotelianism,
  • Darwinism,
  • Thomas S. Kuhn,
  • Teleology,
  • Contemporary Aristotelianism,
  • Ancient Greek Philosophy,
  • Darwin,
  • Filosofia De La Biologia,
  • History of Darwinism,
  • History of Western Philosophy,
  • Aristotle's philosophy of biology,
  • Early Modern Philosophy,
  • Natural Selection,
  • Philosophie,
  • Ancient Greek Philosophy / Aristotle,
  • Filosofía de la Ciencia,
  • Filosofía,
  • Charles Darwin,
  • Biologia,
  • Aristóteles,
  • Aristotle's Metaphysics,
  • Biología,
  • Antike Philosophie,
  • History and Philosphy of Science,
  • Aristoteles,
  • Erasmus Darwin,
  • William Paley,
  • Stephen Jay Gould,
  • Linneo,
  • Aristotele,
  • Lamarckism,
  • Histoire de la philosophie,
  • Philosophie,
  • Epistémologie et Histoire Des Sciences,
  • - History and philosophy of Science (more especially evolutionary biology),
  • History and Philosophy of Biology,
  • Evolution - Theory and,
  • Darwinian Teleology,
  • Lamarck,
  • Aristotle's Parva Naturalia,
  • Storia della Filosofia,
  • William Harvey,
  • History of Evolutionary Biology,
  • Biología de Aristóteles,
  • History of Philosophy,
  • Storia Della Biologia,
  • Filosofia Della Scienza,
  • Philosophie Des Sciences,
  • Georges Cuvier,
  • Aristotele.,
  • Storia Della Scienza,
  • History and Philosophy of Biology and Ecology,
  • History of Biological Sciences,
  • History of Biology and Evolutionary Theory,
  • Alberto Magno Teoria,
  • Aristotle's Teleology,
  • Carl Linnaeus
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Marco Solinas. L'impronta dell'inutilità. Dalla teleologia di Aristotele alle genealogie di Darwin, Pisa: ETS, 2012 - (PDF: INTRODUZIONE).. Pisa(2012)
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