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About Marcia L. McCormick, J.D.

Professor Marcia L. McCormick joined the SLU LAW faculty as an associate professor in 2009. Her scholarship has explored the areas of employment and labor law, federal courts, as well as gender and the law. A prolific blogger, Prof. McCormick is a co-editor and contributor to the Workplace Prof Blog, which provides daily information on developments in the law of the workplace and scholarship about it.

Professor McCormick began her legal career as a staff attorney with the International Human Rights Law Institute, where she directed analysis and research of allegations of sexual violence committed during the war in what was formerly known as Yugoslavia. She then went to the Illinois Attorney General’s Office, in which she litigated civil appeals in state and federal courts. She left the Illinois Attorney General’s Office to join the faculty at Chicago-Kent College of Law at the Illinois Institute of Technology. Prof. McCormick then moved on to Cumberland Law School at Samford University, before coming to SLU LAW.


Present Associate Professor, Saint Louis University School of Law

Curriculum Vitae

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Honors and Awards

  • Harvey S. Jackson Excellence in Teaching Award for Upper Level Classes
  • Lightfoot, Franklin & White Scholarship Award for Untenured Faculty