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About Marcia-Anne Dobres

My research focuses on the materiality of identity; on gender, agency,
and technology; on Ice Age art; and on the history and sociopolitics
of archaeology. These interests came together in my dissertation on
the engendering of Magdalenian technology and personhood in the
French Pyrénées, ca. 14,000 years ago. Another facet of my work
explores the intersection of archaeology, anthropology, and pop
culture (for example in Hollywood films, cartoons, fiction, and even
museum gift shops) and with how cultures (past and present) are
portrayed in museums of natural history. In this regard, I use the
lens of philosophy and critical theory to understand how the
technoscientific project of capitalism shapes our understandings and
our representations of the past. My archaeological research has been
conducted primarily in France and South Africa, while my museum
research allows me travel the world.
Ph.D. in Anthropology, University of California-Berkeley (1995).
M. A. in Anthropology, State University of New York at Binghamton (1988)
B. A . in Anthropology, Summa cum Laude with University Honors, New York University (1986)


Present Faculty Member, University of Southern Maine