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Marci Spier Thesis January 2019 "Grid Interrupted"
  • Marci Spier, Lesley University
Painting grids, I respond to social expectations. Demarcating squares and the negative spaces around them challenge boxed-in expectations once comforting, now oppressive. I paint my way through the boxes, dissolving them and uncovering others. While it sometimes feels impossible to just be, free of context, free of culture, free of space and time, painting pathways reconnects me to the sense of belonging. Serial, non-linear approaches to the grid provide a simultaneous fitting in and being out, or part of everything and nowhere at all. The paintings box who we are and can be into abstractions, or envision the elements that surround us to create a new container. Visual connection through painting reflects a great desire to bridge the duality of cultural influence and universal communication.
  • Grids,
  • Abstract Art,
  • Squares,
  • Paint,
  • Abstraction,
  • connection,
  • influence
Publication Date
Winter January 13, 2019
Field of study
Visual Arts
College of Art and Design
Laurel Sparks
Citation Information
Marci Spier. "Marci Spier Thesis January 2019 "Grid Interrupted"" (2019)
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