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Virtual Private Radio via Virtual Private Network - patent application
  • Marc A Sherman

One may listen to music using a radio that receives music broadcast via radio frequency, via a satellite radio that receives music sent via satellite transmissions, or via a processing device that receives music as audio data via a network, such as the Internet. Such transmissions may be broadcast, such that anyone with the proper equipment may receive and play the music. Such broadcasts often include notices or advertisements. Broadcasts received via radio frequency may include local notices or advertisements. However, the local notices or advertisements generally pertain to a large regional area, such as a metropolitan area, and not to any one particular neighborhood. Further, listeners of the transmission in a metropolitan area typically hear the same notices and advertisements regardless of their location or demographics. Listeners of network audio broadcasts such as Internet radio broadcasts may hear notices and advertisements, but the notices and advertisements are, generally, either not of a local nature, or not addressed to any particular neighborhood or demographic.

Various businesses, such as, for example, coffee shops, restaurants, book stores, etc., generally play music for their patrons. The music may be provided by a stereo system that outputs the music to speakers or a public address system for the patrons' enjoyment. The music is intended to put patrons in a good frame of mind, which merchants hope would translate into increased sales.

Merchants may be able to increase their sales if they could receive and play, for their patrons, music with occasional breaks for local notices, such as sales of certain items, or occasional local or neighborhood advertisements, such as a discount price for a specialty coffee drink at the neighborhood coffeshop if certain items are purchased. This system provides the ability to receive and play music, with occasional breaks for notices and advertisements specifically targeted to patrons in a particular locality. This enables merchants to shape the notices and advertisements for particular locations to maximize sales. Further, merchants may open an additional source of revenue by broadcasting content for other businesses that seek the attention of the same target patrons.

  • ipvpn,
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Publication Date
February, 2006
Citation Information
Marc A Sherman. "Virtual Private Radio via Virtual Private Network - patent application" (2006)
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