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Loneliness and the Law: Solitude Action and Power in Law and Literature
  • Marc L. Roark
How do our thoughts and attitudes impact the law? Is there a correlation between the way the law is decided and the way we as lawyers and scholars approach law? These questions are the ultimate indicators of the direction of law. Traditionally, we assume that law develops artificially--that is, without direct correlation to any particular individual's contribution thereto--with few exceptions. We attribute broader forces to the development of legal movements; social movements and historical moments that ascend to the law. [FN1] In such scenarios, the individual is lost to the broader panoply of thought, rendered as little more than a potted plant upon the scenery of the law. This Article, in contrast, suggests an organic development of the law--a connectedness between individual ideas and their legal outcomes. As such, the Article values the autonomy of ideas and attempts to describe the process between those ideas and their manifestation in law.
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Marc L. Roark. "Loneliness and the Law: Solitude Action and Power in Law and Literature" LOYOLA LAW REVIEW Vol. 55 (2009)
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